8 Reasons to Get Out of Debt


Many people make plans to get out of debt, but sometimes fail to follow through on their plans. In order to pay off debt, it is very helpful to consistently remind yourself of the reasons why you should stay out of debt. If you have lost your motivation to pay off your debt, here are a few reasons that may compel you to stay debt-free. Continue Reading…

Peach State Federal Credit Union Awards over $158,000 in Scholarships and Educational Grants


Peach State Federal Credit Union is proud to announce the winners of over $158,000 in scholarships and educational grants.  Since 2002, Peach State has awarded almost $1.3 million through its scholarship program to students and career professionals seeking to further their education. Credit union staff and representatives from the Board of Directors gathered with the recipients to celebrate their achievements with a reception at Gwinnett Technical College.    Continue Reading…

7 Ways to Save for Retirement


There comes a time in every individual’s life that he or she starts to think of a retirement plan. Many people don’t think about it until their thirties. By then, the ideal time to start saving for retirement may have passed. Everyone knows they should be doing it, yet we all make excuses and give reasons for why we can’t save. Continue Reading…

6 Tips for Selling Your Car

selling your car


Selling a car is more than taking a few pictures and posting them in a classified ad. The seller should consider the key points a buyer will be interested in such as price, the appearance of the car and how the vehicle has been maintained. Below are several tips to assist you in selling your car like a professional salesperson. Continue Reading…

6 Tips for Protecting Your Identity

Identity Theft

What Is Identity Theft?
Identity theft is when a person’s private information is fraudulently acquired and used by another person. This information includes financial, medical and public data. Among these are a person’s social security, driver’s license number, home address, date of birth and name. Anything can be stolen. Continue Reading…

12 Fast Tips for Creating and Protecting Passwords


We are living in a world that is completely password driven. A world where characters that are used in passwords make a huge difference in whether you can access data, communicate with your friends or make purchases online. You often hear that you should use strong passwords online, but what makes a password strong? Continue Reading…

Peach State’s 56th Annual Meeting

On April 19th, we held our 56th Annual Meeting—one of the many things that makes credit unions unique! Attendees were treated to dinner and treats and heard from Peach State President and CEO, Marshall Boutwell, about the safety and soundness of the credit union as we move into our 57th year.

Annual Meeting

If you weren’t able to attend this important meeting, check out the video to hear the President’s Report from Marshall Boutwell and stories from our members. You can view the full Annual Report on our website.