Health Savings Accounts: Put Them to Work for You!

Health Savings Accounts

Poor, Misunderstood Health Savings Accounts

Health savings accounts offer a way for people with high-deductable health insurance plans to save up for medical expenses while earning returns and avoiding federal taxes. But few Americans understand how they work, according to a report from online insurance quote provider

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Credit Unions: Generating Billions in Benefits for Everyone

Don't Tax My Credit Union

NAFCU: Credit Unions Generate Big Economic Benefits for ALL Americans

Credit unions are exempt from paying federal taxes but they still generate around $17 billion in benefits to Americans each year, according to The National Association of Federal Credit Unions.

In a new study, NAFCU said that credit unions directly benefit Americans – regardless of whether they are CU members or not. The study found that credit union members realized $51.5 billion in benefits over the nine-year span of the study by enjoying the lower fees and loan interest rates offered by CUs vs. banks.

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Tax Season: Filer Beware!

Tax Season

Death, Taxes and Fraud

Most Americans find that the stress of tax season is heavy enough that there’s no need to add to it. However, this is exactly what some fiends plan to do this year.

According to the AARP, tax filers need to be on their guard against fraudsters – who scheme, scam and Dumpster-dive in an attempt to separate honest Americans from their money.

AARP warns that 15.6% of all ID theft complaints lodged across the U.S. in 2010 were rooted in taxes or wages. A full 24.1% of all ID theft complaints in that year pertained to taxes or wages, AARP said.

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Auto Insurance: When Can You Get the Best Price?

Auto Insurance

Don’t Buy Car Insurance in March

The price of auto insurance can vary a lot depending on which month you buy it in, according to a new report from said that, during last year, the difference in prices paid could be as much as 50% between the cheapest and most expensive months. We’re talking about the same insurance policy, for the same vehicle.

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U.S. Automakers: High Demand for High Tech

Technologically Advanced Car

Tech Pays Off for U.S. Automakers

Efforts by U.S. automakers to incorporate the latest technology into new vehicles are gaining traction with buyers, according to some new data from J.D. Power.

Clearly, U.S. automakers have been on a roll of late, with sales way up for Detroit’s “Big Three.” Domestic auto plants from all makers have been running at capacity, and churned out 16 million cars last year.

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Did You Celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day?

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

How Did You Celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day?

Whether you think it’s a legitimate national celebration — or a shameless publicity stunt – Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is now in its 14th year. What did you do to celebrate?

There’s no question that the famous packaging material has become a welcome fixture of American life. Not only does it protect valuable items in shipment, the material provides adults and children alike with hours of pleasure once out of use.

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Emergency Preparedness: Lessons From Winter Storm Leon

Emergency Preparedness Against Winter Storm Leon

Winter Storm Leon made a mess of several cities in the Southeastern U.S., including Atlanta and Birmingham. Because of the incredibly fast onset of ice and many people getting on the road to drive home at the same time, roads were quickly turned into parking lots in every direction. As a result, commuters were stranded, children were stuck on school buses and salt trucks were unable to de-ice the roads. Many people sat in their cars for more than 12 hours, some over 20 hours for as little as a three mile trip home or to pick up their children from closed schools.


Imagine sitting in gridlocked traffic for 12 hours, when you were expecting to be in the car for an hour or less! Perhaps you skipped lunch to TRY and get ahead of the storm, but wound up in the thick of it. Maybe you left your medication at home… What would you do?

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Hiring Veterans: Sears Ramps Up Efforts

Hiring Veterans

Sears Plans to Hire 6,500 Veterans, Military Spouses

Retailer Sears said it hired more than 6,000 veterans and military spouses in 2013, and now plans to hire another 6,500 this year.

The company said it has ramped up efforts in the past year to combat veteran unemployment, having joined the White House’s Operation Joining Forces and the Military Spouse Employment Partnership. Sears hired 3,500 veterans and spouses in 2012.

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Perfume as a Marketing Tool?

Perfume as a Marketing Tool?

Perfume Spraying with a Purpose

Have you been annoyed by people spraying perfume at department store entrances? It turns out that these folks are just the business end of an extremely complex strategy of sensory manipulation designed to get you to buy things.

According to a new article by the American Marketing Association, a wide variety of sensory cues – including smell, color, taste and sound – are adjusted in the production, display and sampling strategies used by companies.

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Restaurant Jobs: Industry Plans to Hire More Staff in 2014

Restaurant Jobs

Restaurants Plan to Hire in 2014

The restaurant industry expects both sales and hiring to be up in 2014, according to a new report from the National Restaurant Association.

It’s no surprise that restaurant owners are feeling positive: As the economy improved in 2013 we saw consumers spending more on such consumer luxuries as travel, new car purchases and dining out.

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