Easter Baskets: Smart Alternatives to Candy

Easter Basket

Spring has sprung and Easter is on its way!

If you’re planning on creating Easter baskets for your son, daughter, niece, nephew or grandchild, it may seem like your only options are bunny-shaped sugary candies and chocolates.

While these special treats are delightful, we all know that too much sugar can be a bad thing – leading to tummy aches from over-indulgence or dental problems (ouch!). Not to mention the fact that those treats are tempting for sugar-conscious adults as well…

So, if not candy, what can be fun and sugar free?

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Jobs: Open Positions are Costly to the Company

Open Jobs

Unfilled Jobs Cost Companies Big Bucks

Companies lose an average of more than $14,000 for every job that stays open for more than three months, according to a new study from CareerBuilder.

You would think that a figure like this would serve as a big motivator for companies to fill open positions fast, yet 54% of the employers recently surveyed by CareerBuilder have positions for which they can’t find qualified candidates.

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Millennials: Are They Sharing Too Much?

Millennials Oversharing

Are Millennials Oversharing with Corporate America?

Millennials may be putting their personal data at risk by sharing too much of it with companies, according to a new study.

Research firm Mintelsaid that, while most consumers are being more protective of their personal information these days, Millennials are prone to oversharing.

A new study by the firm found that 60% of Millennials are willing to provide details about their personal preferences — and habits — to marketers. Mintel said that this is more sharing than their Baby Boomer parents are willing to commit to, and perhaps too much in an era of data breaches and identity theft.

Millennials are much more likely to share cell numbers and social media profiles with marketer than Baby Boomers are, the study found. They are also more likely to be swayed by incentives (such as discount coupons) offered in exchange for providing personal information.

However, Millennials were found to be more reluctant than Baby Boomers to hand over their snail mailing addresses. Go figure.

Perhaps, though, the recent revelations of massive data breaches at retailers will cause people from all generations to be a bit more careful about sharing their personal data with strangers on the Internet.


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Cool Cars: Speedy and Cool Under $25K

Cheap Cool Cars

Cool Cars Under $25K

Kelley Blue Book has compiled a list of the 10 coolest cars priced at under $25,000, with something for just about every taste and age bracket.

The company’s #1 pick is the Scion FR-S. This sporty model features rear-wheel-drive, 200 h.p. and an available 6-speed manual transmission. It’s relatively svelte for a new car, at around 2,800 lbs., and Car and Driver reckons that it’s good for 0-60 sprints in around 6 seconds. Very cool.

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Guest Blog: 5 Tips to Save Money While Going Green

Going Green - Nerd Wallet Guest Post

Today’s post comes from our friends at Nerd Wallet–a great piece about how going green can save you money! To learn more about going green with Peach State, visit our Web site!

How Going Green Can Save You Money


When most people think of earth-friendly life changes, kindness and self-sacrifice come to mind rather than personal gain. What if caring for the planet also could save you money? Get ready to make some green changes because the truth is that going green will save you a significant amount of cash.

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Guest Blog: Spring Clean for Extra Green

Courtesy of BALANCE, this week we have an interesting guest blog to share with you:

Spring Clean for Extra Green

Hold a Power Yard Sale 

There’s no shortage of television programs featuring people turning household antiques into piles of money. Even if your basement is not lined with hugely expensive keepsakes, you can still turn your spring cleaning efforts into a few extra dollars in your pocket.

Yard sales can be a great way to turn your clutter into cash. But there’s no reason to limit it to one yard. To attract lots of buyers, team up with other people in your neighborhood to have a multi-family sale. The shoppers who regularly visit garage sales love the idea of having lots of items to peruse in one small area.

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College: Work Experience Can Help You Get the Job You Want

College Work Experience Can  Help You Get a Job

How College Work Experience Gets You a Job

Getting some work experience while in college can help secure you a job in your chosen field. This has always been sage advice given to young people, but now the findings of a new survey back that wisdom with some hard numbers.

The survey – from specialized staffing service Accountemps – asked 2,100 chief financial officers which factors made them more likely to hire a job candidate.

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