Guest Blog: The True Cost of Owning an Older High-End Car


040714 MAC Guest Blog

This week, we’re excited to share a guest blog from our friends at Members Auto Choice.

Deciding on which vehicle to purchase can be a long, dutiful process. There are countless variables that come into play. Dependability, fuel economy, and easy maintenance are the most common needs for consumers. However, when people do their shopping, time and time again they end up way outside their budget for the sake of extras they want. Suddenly, it becomes more about what they want rather than what they need. Their emotions quickly take over, and they lose sight of what they need, and more importantly, what they can afford.

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Vacation Pictures: Tips for Staying Safe!

Vacation Pictures

Don’t Share Vacation Pictures Until You’re Home Safe

You may already know that crooks make use of social media sharing to gain access to victims. Now, there’s some new research that sheds light on the dangers facing vacationers from social media over-sharing.

Specialty insurance company Meemic wants everyone to know the dangers of sharing vacation pictures and details about a vacation while that vacation is still in progress.

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