Guest Blog: New Advanced Safety Technology In New Vehicles

Advanced Safety

We’re pleased to share the following guest blog from our friends at MEMBERS AutoChoice (MAC)! To learn more about MAC, visit their website at

With the initiation of new safety advances in vehicles, crashes can be prevented beforehand, ultimately leading to better driving conditions and lower fatality rates caused by motor vehicle collisions. Continue Reading…

Member Matters with Marshall

Dear Credit Union Members:Member Matters

I would like to address the recent launch of our new online banking system. The rollout was not as smooth as we had anticipated, and for that we sincerely apologize. Many of you were understandably frustrated when you had difficulty accessing your accounts. While the technical difficulties we faced were not directly our fault, we take full responsibility for the situation. I am proud of our team who worked around the clock with our online banking vendor to find a resolution. Staff from all areas of the credit union worked together to provide support to the members that contacted us for assistance. Change is never easy, but we had no other option but to find a new system. Our previous online banking system was discontinued by the vendor. There are some differences between the new system and the old system that may be causing some ongoing frustration. If you contact us, we may be able to help you work through any difficulty you’re encountering. Continue Reading…