Guest Blog: New Advanced Safety Technology In New Vehicles

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Advanced Safety

We’re pleased to share the following guest blog from our friends at MEMBERS AutoChoice (MAC)! To learn more about MAC, visit their website at

With the initiation of new safety advances in vehicles, crashes can be prevented beforehand, ultimately leading to better driving conditions and lower fatality rates caused by motor vehicle collisions.

For example, systems such as the crash-avoidance system allows your car to see other vehicles or pedestrians before you do; they can anticipate many types of collisions, and will automatically apply the brakes to avoid an accident. Also, they help prevent you from crossing lanes that could lead you into another vehicle’s path.

Another feature is the forward collision warning with auto brake. This system has been utilized for many years, but only in luxury cars. However, it is now available in older, affordable vehicles. They can stand alone or be combined with radar, laser, or camera-based systems that peer ahead and warn drivers of a possible collision using audio and visual sensors.

Starting in 2018 the rear window safety feature will be mandatory. This system can help prevent back-over accidents and is also great for reversing into parking spaces. The rear window safety feature helps with blind spots especially in trucks and SUV’s.

Another new feature uses radars or cameras to scan the areas beside and behind you causing the warning signals to appear in or near the side view mirrors. This system is called the Blind-spot monitoring system. Another safety feature includes the rear cross traffic. This device is mounted on each side of the rear bumper. When your car is reversing, it scans anything hazardous approaching on both sides. The rear cross traffic device will flash and sound a warning tone.

Vehicles are also now offering night vision with pedestrian detection. Some vehicles allow this already but there have been new advances. With this addition it pinpoints pedestrians and will highlight a warning on your dashboard.

Additional helpful features include: Automatic High-Beam Control & Parental Control. The Automatic high-beam control dims the high beams automatically when vehicles are approaching. Parent Control helps limit the car to 80 miles per hour when the volume on the car radio is high.

These next systems will automatically apply the brakes for you: Lane departure warning and steering assist helps monitor your distance from lane markers and sets off warning signs that include a vibration and warning tone if you are not signaling and get to close. The Pedestrian detection sets off a warning sign if a pedestrian is in the vehicles path.

All in all, one of the best features out there now is the drowsiness detection; when it appears that you are drowsy (maybe even texting or emailing) it will alert with a chime, pull at the seat belt, tap on the brakes and even light up a coffee icon signal.

There are now many cars available with these safety features. Even though a newer car is more expensive the price for your safety is priceless.  Please let a Member Auto Choice member help find the safest car for you today by contacting us at

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