Do We Need Apps for Everything?

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Apps for Everything

It seems that there are apps for everything these days. They offer the convenience of transacting business – and scheduling services – while on the move. Now there’s even an app for dry cleaning.

An app for dry cleaning? At first it seems a bit silly, until you consider what a hassle it is for many people to deal with dry cleaning.

For folks who wear business attire every day, arranging for dry cleaning can get to be a real chore – involving a big stack of clothes and an inconvenient trip to the dry cleaners.

Being able to shave a little time off this process could really help. Hence, we think that a dry cleaning app might just be worth a look.

This particular app – called the Q2 Smart Locker dry cleaning service — launched in London, England recently, and quickly grew to cover more than 100 locations across the city. It is currently expanding to other cities.

Q2 (which stands for Quick and Quality) aims to go beyond just being an app, to create a consumer-friendly ecosystem for dry cleaning.

The service installs specially designed, multi-compartment lockers at strategic locations such as stations and supermarkets.

Customers register for the service by phone or online. They then receive a password that they can use to open the locker and insert their dry cleaning.

In other words, the Q2 service allows people to drop off, and pick up, their dry cleaning without ever entering a dry cleaning shop.

This is a great example of how apps can enable progress in our lives, but usually only when there are coordinated enhancements elsewhere.

Hopefully, this idea will cross the pond and arrive in the U.S. soon.


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