Black Friday Sales Results: Fewer Shoppers, But More Spending

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Black Friday Results – Fewer Shoppers, But More Spending

The Great American Retail Frenzy that now begins before Thanksgiving turkeys cool has proved to be a good deal for retailers this year, according to new data.

ShopperTrak — a company that tracks in-store shopper analytics — found that, while store traffic was down a bit this year, “Black Weekend” retail sales were up versus last year.

The company estimates that this year’s “Black Weekend” resulted in a 1% increase in consumer spending at traditional “brick and mortar” retailers versus last year.

“Black Weekend” begins on Thanksgiving and continues through “Black Sunday.” Of course, it’s then followed by “Cyber Monday,” (in true huckster tradition: “But wait, there’s more!”).

Shoppers who experience guilt from their retail binging can then atone during “Giving Tuesday.” There’s something for every emotional wave experienced by Americans – and all of it occurs before the Thanksgiving leftovers are finished.

ShopperTrak said that American store-goers spent around $22.2 billion over the four days. However, traffic in stores was down by 4.0%. What retailers had, then, were fewer shoppers spending more money.

Remember when Thanksgiving evoked pleasant thoughts of gathering, and sharing? Now it kicks off the evil-sounding “Black Weekend,” for better or worse.


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