Bottom Line Workers

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Bottom Line

Workers want to know how much their efforts affect the bottom line, according to a new report from staffing firm Robert Half.

Robert Half Management Resources recently surveyed workers, and found that nearly half want to see the connection between their duties and their firm’s performance. A majority said they want greater insights.

Sadly, fourteen percent of the workers polled said they rarely or never see how their work affects the organization.

Robert Half Management Resources highlights three ways employers can incorporate connecting individual roles to the bottom line into their staffing management:

  • Don’t stop at the top. Discussions about company performance and goals should happen with staff members at all levels. Understanding how their role contributes to the organization can help employees boost their own performance.
  • Make the discussions ongoing. Managers should look for opportunities such as staff meetings, performance reviews and regular check-ins to communicate how individuals’ contributions benefit the business.
  • Tap external perspectives. Check with network contacts and consultants for their insights on how the company is faring and to learn best practices from other firms.

These findings should encourage company management. After all, it shows that workers are concerned about company performance, and how they make an impact on it.

Managers should use this as a tool to increase employee engagement.

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