10 Tips for Saving Gasoline

Saving Gasoline

When you own a car, paying for gasoline can be one of the biggest expenses. Gas prices are always fluctuating; therefore, it makes more sense to squeeze out as many miles as possible from every gallon in your vehicle’s tank. When it comes to saving fuel, you have full control. The way you drive and maintain your vehicle can influence its fuel consumption. You can use the following tips to minimize your car’s fuel consumption. Continue Reading…

Piedmont College Receives $50,000 Donation from Peach State Federal Credit Union

Peach State

Left to Right: James F. Mellichamp, President of Piedmont College; Marshall Boutwell, President/CEO of Peach State Federal Credit Union; Dr. Robert H. Wainberg, Professor of Biology at Piedmont College; and John Fair, Chief of Staff at Peach State Federal Credit Union

Dr. Robert H. Wainberg Natural Sciences Research Fund to Receive Endowment

Peach State Federal Credit Union has made a $50,000 donation to Piedmont College benefitting the Dr. Robert H. Wainberg Natural Sciences Research Fund. The endowment will support research for Piedmont College students majoring in natural sciences, including biology, chemistry, and environmental science.

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Guest Blog: College Planning 101

College Planning

This week, we’re sharing an important guest blog courtesy of BALANCE.

Most parents have already heard the bad news: a college education has never been more expensive. Many, in fact, are still paying off their own student debt and would like their children to avoid that burden. The good news is that there’s a lot parents can do to help their children and make the costs of college more manageable. Continue Reading…