What to Do and Not Do with an Inheritance


Receiving an inheritance can be a great financial opportunity, as well as a challenge. It can also be very emotional since it means that you have lost someone close to you. If you are an heir to someone’s will, that means that you are going to get an undetermined amount of money soon. If you aren’t careful, you run the risk of losing your money just as quickly as you receive it. The big question is what you can do with the money, and how to handle the situation correctly. Continue Reading…

What will you do with your tax refund?

Tax Refund

According to CNN.com, nearly 80% of American taxpayers get a tax refund. We’re hoping you’re getting a refund this year! Whether it’s a little or a lot, every penny/dollar counts/helps. Many people reserve this money for vacations, padding for their savings, the purchase of a new car or home, and more. Continue Reading…

Property Tax: Which State Has the Highest Rates?

Property Tax Report

Who Gets the Highest Property Tax Bill?

As property tax rates go, Atlanta is a much nicer place to be than Philadelphia, according to a new 50-state survey.

The Lincoln Institute and the Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence have teamed up for the past four years to produce the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy’s 50 State Property Tax Comparison Study – a national survey of property tax rates.

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Tax Refund: To Spend or Save?

Tax Refund

What Will You Do with your Tax Refund?

Many Americans have plans for their 2013 tax refunds, according to a new survey by John Hancock Financial Services.

More than half of those surveyed expect to get a tax refund this year, and 17% of them plan to spend it. Of those, 56% plan to spend theirs on a vacation. That was the #1 category for splurging, and up from 36% last year who said they planned to use their refund check to finance a vacation.

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New Tax Code: Business Mileage Deduction Goes Down

Driving IRS

The IRS Is Dissing Your Ride

If you use your vehicle for work — and take a tax deduction for mileage — prepare to get less love from the Federal Government in 2014.

Workforce mobility specialist Runzheimer International points out that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has released a 2014 national optional business mileage deduction rate of 56 cents for U.S. business drivers.

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