Tips to Consider When Traveling


To experience the world as a traveler, and not as a tourist, you need the freedom to explore beyond the landmarks. But how can you travel around without actually breaking the bank? Below are some financial tips that may help you save money and enjoy a vacation more than once a year. Continue Reading…

Tax Refund: To Spend or Save?

Tax Refund

What Will You Do with your Tax Refund?

Many Americans have plans for their 2013 tax refunds, according to a new survey by John Hancock Financial Services.

More than half of those surveyed expect to get a tax refund this year, and 17% of them plan to spend it. Of those, 56% plan to spend theirs on a vacation. That was the #1 category for splurging, and up from 36% last year who said they planned to use their refund check to finance a vacation.

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Vacation Pictures: Tips for Staying Safe!

Vacation Pictures

Don’t Share Vacation Pictures Until You’re Home Safe

You may already know that crooks make use of social media sharing to gain access to victims. Now, there’s some new research that sheds light on the dangers facing vacationers from social media over-sharing.

Specialty insurance company Meemic wants everyone to know the dangers of sharing vacation pictures and details about a vacation while that vacation is still in progress.

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Relocation: Where Would You Like to Work?

Dream Job Relocation NYC

Where Would You Move Your Job?

Let’s say you could move your job to any city in the world. Would you choose Hong Kong? Paris? Des Moines?

Relocation specialist Cartus Corporation recently surveyed relocation and human resource professionals on which cities they would accept a job transfer offer to.

Among areas of the world, most of these U.S.-based professionals chose the U.S. as their #1 destination, followed by Europe. New York was their top pick for a U.S. city to transfer to, followed by San Francisco, San Diego and Boston.

European countries making the list of dream job transfer destinations included Italy, France, Germany and Spain. Among all international countries, Italy tied Australia for the #1 slot.

Location definitely factored in as a criteria for accepting a job transfer, but it was not the biggest one. That honor went to “My spouse’s/family’s happiness while on assignment,” according to Cartus. And if your spouse isn’t too pleased with the idea of relocating to a glamorous new city or country, there are always vacations.


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Is Home Swapping Right for You?

iStock_000026062262SmallMore people are choosing the option of home swapping these days as an alternative to the traditional vacation ritual of booking a hotel, according to one of the firms that arranges these short-term relationships.

Los Angeles-based HomeExchange say they’ve experienced a 13% jump in summer travel for 2013 vs. 2012, and are on track to post 16% year-end annual growth. The company predicts their members will complete 75,000 home exchanges by the end of 2013. They completed 70,000 last year. Continue Reading…