College: Work Experience Can Help You Get the Job You Want

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College Work Experience Can  Help You Get a Job

How College Work Experience Gets You a Job

Getting some work experience while in college can help secure you a job in your chosen field. This has always been sage advice given to young people, but now the findings of a new survey back that wisdom with some hard numbers.

The survey – from specialized staffing service Accountemps – asked 2,100 chief financial officers which factors made them more likely to hire a job candidate.

A full 83% of the CFOs surveyed said that obtaining relevant work experience while still in college is an important factor in getting an entry-level job in accounting and finance.

Around 40% said it is “very important,” while 43% of the CFOs surveyed said that such experience is “somewhat important.” CFOs sit at the top of the food chain in company finance departments, so their attitudes toward hiring are a critical factor in hiring policy in these fields.

Accountemps advises would-be workers in the accounting and finance arena to seek internships, and even volunteer opportunities. They advise students to put the work experience they can gain above immediate pay considerations. After all, many students face a choice between work that pays, (such as work in food service or retail) versus attractive opportunities that either don’t pay anything, or that pay very little.

Sometimes, an unpaid internship can be a critical factor in getting into a high-paid career.

Of course, with college tuition as expensive as it is many students are feeling pressure to make some money, wherever they can. But this can lead to short-sighted decision-making. After all, the reason they’re in college in the first place is to secure a shot at a great career.


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