Corporate Retreats, Yea or Nay?

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Corporate retreats

Corporate retreats are actually quite rare events. Staffing firm Robert Half Management thinks they should be more popular.

The firm said that corporate retreats – offsite events where employees, commonly executives, meet to discuss the business – offer organizations numerous benefits, with increased teamwork and employee morale chief among them.

That’s based on surveys of CFOs whose companies engage in them.

But those organizations are in the minority: Four in five companies (80 percent) don’t hold annual gatherings, a recent survey by Robert Half Management Resources found.

“The opportunity to go off-site, away from the day-to-day norm, to strategize for the company and connect with team members can yield significant business benefits,” said Tim Hird, executive director of Robert Half Management Resources. “Events don’t need to be elaborate, they just need to provide a dedicated forum for open discussion and team-building.”

Robert Half Management Resources highlights alternatives to traditional corporate retreats:

  • Innovation days: Invite groups to develop and pitch ideas to help the business. Executives can review the proposals and guide teams in implementing them.
  • Staycation-style retreats: Managers can take their teams to a local offsite venue to brainstorm and connect.
  • Top-performer celebrations: In addition to recognizing their great work, invite star employees to submit their ideas for helping the organization grow.
  • Town halls: These regular or semiregular gatherings provide an opportunity to share updates with staff. Serve food or otherwise dress up the event to emphasize its importance.
  • Quarterly strategy sessions: Gather department leaders or task forces to talk shop in a formal setting.

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