Guest Blog: Need to create a budget? Then get MyBalance!

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As part of Peach State’s commitment to helping you realize your financial goals, we are pleased to provide MyBalance, a free online tool that helps you create a budget at

MyBalance takes the guesswork out of knowing exactly how much money is coming in and going out.  In this self-guided module, you will create a realistic budget, find tools for tracking expenses, tips for taking control of your personal finances, direction on reducing debt, and information specific to challenges you might be currently facing.

MyBalance is designed to be anonymous, but you may choose to have a counselor contact you for unbiased money management information and financial counseling once you’ve completed it.  All you have to do is complete your information at the end of the program or make a toll-free phone call to our partner, BALANCE, at 888.456.2227.  A certified financial counselor can answer many of your questions immediately – from how long an item stays on your credit report to whether it’s better to lease or buy a car.  For more complex issues, such as debt elimination or budget development, BALANCE will schedule an appointment, giving you the personal attention you need to meet your objectives.

We recognize that money concerns can have a serious effect on your quality of life.  Free financial education is just a click or phone call away as a benefit of your membership at Peach State Federal Credit Union.  Simply visit or call 888.456.2227.

Article provided by BALANCE.


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