The Devil is in the Staples

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The Art of Stapling

The Devil is in the Staples | Peach State FCU Blog

Back in the ‘70s, Saturday Night Live had a long-running skit about a couple who opened a mall store that sold nothing but Scotch tape. They never got too much
business. Now, the company that makes Swingline staplers has mounted a stapler-themed exhibit in a Chicago art gallery. Don’t laugh.

Swingline said it challenged Chicago artists to “merge art and stapling innovation” in an effort to create an exhibit called the Swingline Collective. The company said that all of the works on display incorporate stapling products.

Now, if you think about it, this exhibit could be really cool. Or it could be really silly. The devil is in the staples – and the imagination of the artists.

But if you think about how ubiquitous this company’s staplers have been in offices and homes over the decades, a lot of interesting ideas for artistic expression
present themselves. After all, think of what Warhol did with soup cans. Also, there’s the concept of stapling itself, and how it relates to life in various ways.

OK, we’ll let the artists handle things – but you get the point: It could be really cool.

Swingline said the exhibit is taking place at the Dandelion Gallery in Waukegan, IL.

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