Beware of Falling Objects While Driving on Georgia Highways and Roads

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The following blog post was originally posted on the MEMBERS AutoChoice blog.

Spring time is here! This means trucks, lawn trucks and other types of open bed vehicles filled with anything and everything will be traveling on Georgia’s roadways. The operators of these types of vehicles are normally non experienced drivers when it comes to hauling large loads; these types of loads may not be completely secured as you see them on the highways and roads. So as you are driving, be cautious when you find yourself behind someone who has items hanging out of an open bed truck.

If something falls off a truck and you happen to be following it, you are immediately at risk of having a major auto accident which can quickly turn fatal. Just recently, here in Atlanta Georgia, a wheel feel off of a truck hitting the vehicle following it and killing the driver. Here are a couple of tips to use that can help protect you and your vehicle as you drive on Georgia’s roads and highways…

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The MEMBERS AutoChoice blog is a great resource for driving tips, information about the vehicle buying process, and more!

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