Educational Blogs: Are you prepared to share?

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Educational Blogs - Prepare to share

Many of you may be educators or work in the field of education. Each day you work with students, other teachers, administrators and parents, communicating with them to create a superior learning experience. But, the educational experience doesn’t have to end in the classroom. Many teachers and administrators utilize the Internet to continue sharing with students, parents, and other educators through Weblogs.

You may already follow a few educational blogs, or read articles from other educators on LinkedIn or other social networks to learn more about teaching strategies and tactics, but have you considered creating your own blog? You can share information like syllabuses, class project results and offer a forum for discussion.

Educational blogs are not only helpful for parents and students, but they can also be a gateway to share your ideas with other teachers and educators throughout the world! You don’t have to know anything about building Web sites or HTML – there are several places online where you can build a blog in as little as 10 minutes at no cost. Check out these helpful Web sites to get started:

Even if you’re not in the educational field, you should consider having your own blog – everyone has something to say! Starting your own blog is easy and fun! If you decide to start a blog, we’d love to hear about it. Create one today and send us a link so we can follow along and be a part of your audience. Share the link to your blog in our comments section, and connect with other educators in our network.

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