Election Day: Why You Should Vote

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Election Day

One of the main reasons that credit unions exist is to help people afford life.  Last year Georgia’s credit unions saved their members over $160 million in lower loan rates, higher deposit rates and lower fees. Just as credit unions make a positive impact in their communities, you have a similar opportunity – one that affects not only our individual households, but our community, our state and even our country. How can you do that? By educating yourself about the candidates running for office and voting on Election Day.


You may be asking, “Why does my credit union care if I vote?” Regardless of which political party you support, or your personal political interests, elected officials can have a drastic impact (both negatively and positively) on your credit union, your finances and your community.


Why should you vote?

  • To be more in control of your future.
  • Voting lets your voice be heard at the state capitol and in Washington, DC.
  • It’s a privilege and it’s the American way.


The actions that elected officials take on bills in Washington, D.C. and here in Georgia influence which financial products can be provided and how credit unions operate. Being aware of the issues is important, and taking the time to vote in the primary and general elections makes a difference. However, inaction has the reverse effect. If credit union members don’t vote, credit union members don’t count.


Not so long ago, credit unions had to speak up in Congress for the ability to offer simple checking accounts! Here’s why it’s important to know where the candidates stand on issues that could impact your credit union:

  • Candidates who support the tax exemption of credit unions help to ensure that our cooperative structure is protected, which keeps your interest rates low and gives you the opportunity to choose the best financial institution for your needs.
  • Candidates who support credit unions help to ensure a broad range of services can be provided to you.

Your perspective as a credit union member is important. Speak up for what is important to you because if credit union members don’t vote, credit unions members don’t count!

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