Get BIG Protection in a Tiny Chip!

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EMV Chip Cards
Peach State’s VISA® credit and debit cards now come with built-in chip technology!

What is EMV?
EMV chip technology gives you greater fraud protection when you use your card at a chip-activated terminal. Your new card is not only more secure – it’s also easy to use.

EMV provides an enhanced layer of security when making purchases, and makes your card difficult to counterfeit. In addition to the embedded chip, your card also has a magnetic stripe on the back. This is so you can still make purchases at stores that do not yet have EMV card terminals.

How Do I Use the Card?
When using your EMV card, you may be asked to enter your PIN or sign to complete your purchase. If you are making a purchase at a store that does not have EMV card terminals, it is very important that you use your PIN, instead of running it as a signature-based transaction. Using your PIN provides an additional layer of security. The only time you should not use your PIN is at stores where you are unable to do so, for example: at restaurants or when shopping online.
Protecting You From Fraud
Due to an increase in fraud, we have made it a requirement to enter your PIN at some stores. This is to protect your account from fraudulent activity and to protect the credit union’s assets. If you do not know your PIN, you will need to complete the transaction using a different payment method. If you need to have your PIN reset, please stop in at any of our branch locations.
For more information, please call 678.889.4328 or visit our website.
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