Guest Blog: There’s an App for that!

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This week, we’re excited to share another guest blog from our friends at MEMBERS AutoChoice.

In today’s ever changing world of technology, there is an app for almost everything. Your garage door can be closed, your sink can be shut off, and your bank accounts managed all from the tiny screen of your cell phone. The auto industry has gotten on board with technology by providing apps for not only dealers, but buyers as well, to improve their lives. There are apps that can assist in finding charging stations for electric cars, as well as searching for the best deals on gas without spending too much time searching.  Members Auto Choice believes that the following 5 Apps offer the most useful benefits, all at no cost to you:

Gas Buddy (Available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry): Gas Buddy allows you to find the cheapest gas while on the go, by finding gas stations near your location and displaying their current prices. With a community of users all working together to update the prices around their location, it’s easy to see why the Gas Buddy app has grown in popularity. In addition to the cheapest gas prices around, you can even earn points towards Gas Buddy’s daily prize give away of $100 in Prepaid Gas!

Repair Pal (Available for iPhone and Android): Repair Pal assists you in getting accurate service and repair estimates without the hassle of calling various repair shops to compare prices. With intelligent GPS-enabled directory, you will be directed to the closest repair shop in your time of need. In addition to finding the right repair facility, you can also take all of your service history with you stored safely in this handy app. Not only will you be able to show the technician what you have already done to your car, you can even start a list of future items that will need your technician’s attention. Perhaps the most impressive feature is the ability to get roadside assistance when you need it, without having to pay any annual fees for AAA or other roadside assistance services. Can you really afford not to have this impressive free app?

PlugShare (Available for iPhone & iOS devices): The PlugShare app will surely impress not only plug in hybrid drivers but full blown EV drivers as well. Locating charging stations is a critical part of ownership of electric vehicles. The PlugShare app saves you time and hassle by showing you the closest charge station, as well as breaking them down into categories such as home, public, quick charge, and in use. In addition to listing all stations, you are able to further refine them by adding or deleting stations, as well as obtaining driving directions to each facility. As electric cars gain more and more popularity, look for this app to gain more users every day.

Road Trip Lite (Available for iPhone & iOS devices): For those of you that are curious about the true cost of fuel and maintenance of your car, this app is for you. Not only does this free app track the amount you spend on fuel and miles per gallon, it also tracks your maintenance spending. No more resetting trip buttons in your car then possibly forgetting to record your mileage to determine exactly how much that road trip really cost. This is a great app for employees of companies that are required to use their personal cars for company business.

Carfax Recall App: (Available Iphone and Android): With this handy free app, drivers have full access to all manufacturers recalls on their vehicles, preventing you from paying for otherwise free services at repair shops. In addition to the free recall checks available on this app, enter your tag number into the app and the app will pull up your vehicles information and the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule allowing you to stay on track with services needed. This app will alert you when services are due based on your cars current mileage. With engine replacement costs that can range between $5,000.00 and $10,000.00, Carfax has come up with a nice reminder system to stay on top of one more little item life throws our way, vehicle maintenance.

After researching free apps for this article, I found myself overwhelmed by the sheer amount of car apps available today for car owners. It’s easy to get confused with all of them. I recommend taking a few minutes to write down what all you could possible use an app for, and then search for a compatible app that is right for your driving needs. As always, for any clarification or help you may need with any auto related topic, feel free to contact a knowledgeable Sales Representative at Members Auto Choice, as we are always available to assist you, our valued customers. You can find all of our direct lines on our website Happy driving!

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