Guest Blog: Why should I finance through my credit union?

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Credit Union

When purchasing a vehicle, there are many avenues of payment you can take. You can pay cash, finance through the dealer or a bank, or finance through your local credit union. There are quite a few reasons why the credit union route is your best bet, but not for the reasons you might think. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using Peach State Federal Credit Union as your car loan lender:

  • Ease of Process – Applying through Peach State is a quick and painless process. You can apply in person, online, or over the phone, and all offer avenues to ensure that every question you may have will be addressed.


  • Peace of Mind – You can rest assured knowing that your loan and your money are in a safe and secure environment. Dealing with car salesmen can be an intimidating process that a lot of people don’t trust. Credit unions have their members’ best interest in mind; especially in an investment as large as a vehicle loan.


  • Control – One of the main reasons the car buying process can be so daunting is because people feel a lack of control. They are out of their comfort zone, and a slick-tongued salesman can try and deceive and con them into things they don’t want or need. The credit union’s loan process is structured. You have a set preapproval amount, down payment requirement, and term guidelines. This helps keep you from being upsold if you get “caught up in the moment,” as well as ensuring that the vehicle is the one you really want to be in.


  • Flexibility – Financing through a credit union allows you to be more flexible than any other avenue. They will match rates, work with you on payments through plans like skip-a-pay, and in general are more friendly and understanding than big box financers. They will also work with you and explain every detail of the loan, from payment terms to breaking down your credit score to working with you to decide if you need life and disability insurance, from an honest, unbiased point of view.


  • Protection – Peach State offers a service that nobody else can offer: MEMBERS AutoChoice™. MAC has over 40 years of combined experience in the car industry, and they can help you navigate the complex world of the car industry and find the perfect vehicle for you. They have a long-documented history of protecting customers from shady dealers, and saving them thousands in the process. Every vehicle in their inventory is hand-picked, hand-serviced, and hand-detailed by their family to guarantee that your money is going into something worthwhile. If they don’t have it in their inventory, they will find it for you.


Step into your local branch and inquire about a loan today, they have 12 locations 7 counties in Georgia. You can also visit them online at or call the Loans By Phone center at 770.580.6000. No matter how you reach out to them – you will be welcomed as part of the family.

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