Healthcare Salaries Are on the Rise

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A new survey shows that healthcare salaries are rising as a growing and aging population produces a staffing shortfalls across the country.

The survey, from online healthcare career hub eCareers, finds that 87% of healthcare workers surveyed are making more or the same as a year ago.

However, nearly half of those interviewed are actively looking for better opportunities and their confidence is high.

eCareers examined average annual salaries by position compared to 2015 data:

  • Physicians and surgeons  – $255,648, a 2.5% increase
  • Healthcare executives – $134,632, a 12.9% decrease
  • Physician assistants – $105,856, a 4.3% increase
  • Nurse practitioners – $100,549, a 5.3% increase
  • Healthcare IT – $91,251, a 2.2% increase
  • Nurses – $61,875, a 3.1% decrease

Those are some nice salaries – the kind that come from an industry that is perennially short of workers.

eCareers said that, despite the creation of 475,000 new healthcare jobs in 2015 to handle increased demand, there’s still a shortage of key positions.

It is a job-seeker’s market – which explains why healthcare workers are restless, and looking for new opportunities.

Of those studied, 29% said they anticipate changing employers in the next year, 30% have no plans to change and 41% are unsure.

An impressive 86% are confident they could find a new position. How many workers – in any industry — have this kind of confidence?

Healthcare workers say they seek higher pay, more rewarding and challenging work and better working hours. Many simply wish to work for a different organization.

With the nation continuing to age, and grow, faster than it can add new healthcare workers, it’s a good bet that careers in this field will continue to be rewarding ones.

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