How to Land an Entry-Level Job

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Entry Level Job

Staffing firm The Creative Group is sharing the secrets of landing an entry level job.

The company polled advertising and marketing executives to find out which qualities are the most prized when hiring entry-level creative talent.

Not surprisingly, previous experience was rated as the most important factor, followed by interview performance.

But how do would-be entry-level candidates gain work experience before auditioning for their first real job? How do you avoid making mistakes in an interview process when it’s your first time out?

The Creative Group offers these tips:

  1. Put your skills to use. Internships and freelance projects enable you to gain hands-on experience and get your foot in the door with prospective employers. Some of these opportunities can even turn into full-time roles.
  2. Perfect the basics. Ensure that your resume and cover letter are error-free. One typo could cost you an interview, especially for a competitive position.
  3. Display your work on the Web. No matter what type of creative role you’re pursuing, a digital portfolio is a must — it’s how you back up the skills on your resume. Always test and consider the user experience of the site before promoting it.
  4. Polish your online presence. Hiring managers are increasingly reviewing social media to learn about candidates. Make sure the content you share represents your personal brand and showcases your skills, expertise and dedication to the profession.
  5. Always be networking. Word of mouth is still the best way to drum up job leads. Join business networking groups and industry associations and partner with a specialized staffing firm to expand the circle of people who can help you with your employment search.

As you can see, it takes work and planning to position yourself for your first real career job.

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