Keep Your Dog Safe from Motorists

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Did you know that more than one million dogs are killed on U.S. roads every year? Even more are injured in collisions with cars.

Invisible Fence maker The Canine Company has put together a list of tips for keeping your dog from this fate:

Always walk your dog on a leash.  “Even the best-trained dog may chase another animal, a child or a ball suddenly appears in the road,” Hill says.  “It only takes an instant – and, before you know what’s happened — your dog could be in the path of an oncoming car.”

Teach your dog the “come” command. “If you frequent an off-leash dog park, be sure your dog will come consistently on command.  You don’t want to chase him down if someone accidently leaves the gate open. And always put the leash on as you walk from the gate to the car!”

Get an LED light for night walks.  “Even light-coated dogs are invisible at night, so if you live in an area without sidewalks and must walk in the street, a night light for your dog (and one for you!) is a must.  Always remember to walk facing traffic.

Of course, the company is also recommended that you install one of its Invisible Fence containment system, to keep your dog safely in your yard. That’s not a bad idea, but we would point out that there are other options (such as Havahart Wireless) for these types of systems.

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