Making College a Bit Less Expensive

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Avoid_College_FeesA new guide has been released that promises to help students avoid paying certain fees when applying for college. It won’t do anything about the massive tuition bill but, hey, every little bit helps.

The guide, from online book condenser 60second Recap, is billed as a step-by-step guide to obtaining college application fee waivers.

When 60second Recap surveyed 142 U.S. high school seniors, 80 of the respondents said they didn’t know that college application fees could be waived in the event of “financial hardship.”

Apparently, colleges use four qualifying criteria to determine “financial hardship.” 60second Recap said it outlines these, and then specifies the three options available to high school seniors looking to have their application fees waived.

College application fees average $38.79, but can be a lot higher. The company cites Stanford University, whose $90 fee is non-refundable. Apply to a bunch of colleges with non-refundable fees and it could really add up.

Of course, each college will have its own idea of what “financial hardship” is, and will decide on waivers on an individual basis. But it certainly doesn’t hurt to try.


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