Member Matters with Marshall

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Dear credit union member:

Marshall Boutwell

Photo courtesy of Gwinnett Technical College


I am excited to report that the “10,000 Hours” project that I referenced last quarter is well underway. Designed to help us focus on where the credit union wants to be in the future, the project will help us make sure we are positioned to meet our members’ needs in this rapidly changing environment. We have been evaluating our current technology and identifying where it will need enhancements over the next several years. We are in the process of assigning specific responsibilities to staff members to implement the plan we have established.


Our final 2016 financial report confirms that Peach State experienced a solid year of growth, performing on par or above peer level in all financial measures of success. This year, signs point to an uptick in the economy, and we are seeing optimism among our members. Metro Atlanta, the I-85 corridor and Augusta are three areas that most futurists see as bright spots in the Georgia economy, and Peach State is right in the middle of these areas. We want to do our part to support the success of our communities.


While there are still many unknowns coming from Washington, one thing is for sure: we are here to serve our members and exceed their expectations. In an effort to fulfill that mission, Peach State continues to focus on our members, our values and our community. We believe passionately that we should be an integral part of our community, and to that end, last year we invested almost $300,000 to support scholarships, the arts and local charities. We believe that serving you is about more than products and services and profits. It’s about helping you afford life and working together to make our community the best it can be. In an uncertain world, we think it is important to remember why we are here and what leads us to do the things we believe are important. We invite you to visit to read credit union stories from members just like you and learn more about the vision we have for making a difference in your lives and in our community.


In the midst of constant political change in our country, there may be occasional legislation that will impact Peach State and credit unions in general. For this reason, Peach State participates in the Credit Union National Association’s Member Activation Program (CUNA MAP). We have included more information on CUNA MAP on page 2 in the April 2017 issue of Member Matters. We may ask you to weigh in with your congressional delegation if and when the need arises. We appreciate any support you can give and we believe this program is part of protecting our members’ best interests.



Marshall Boutwell


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