Guest Blog: Why should Members AutoChoice find my next car?

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Members AutoChoice


This week, we’re excited to feature a guest blog from our friends at Members AutoChoice about how they can find your next car.

Members AutoChoice (MAC) is a full-size dealership, with 45-60 vehicles in our inventory at any given time. We service and detail our cars meticulously, making sure that they hold up to our standards before we offer them to our members. With that being said, what if MAC doesn’t have the vehicle you want? Are you left to shoulder the burden of vehicle searching on your own? Of course not. In fact, if you trace MAC back to its roots, we actually started off exclusively as a car buying service for the credit union. Every Members AutoChoice Sales Professional is trained to scan not only the public market, but also private auctions, wholesalers, and a network of contacts to help you find your dream car – at the right price.

There are over 4,000 licensed used car dealerships in the state of Georgia, and that number is steadily growing. Just by sheer number of places to go, the car buying process can be a daunting task. It is our goal at Members AutoChoice to take the stress out of the equation. So, ask yourself, why should MAC find my next car?

Protection – Even the most level-headed person can be fooled when they fall in love with a car. Simple details such as accident history, service history, and dealership reputation are often overlooked because of a low price tag.  We have a constantly expanding of dealerships that we will not deal with, due to vehicle problems, or untrustworthy business practices.

Experience – Even the newest of employees at MAC are knowledgeable and experienced not only with the vehicles that they are selling, but also with the people we buy from, and the Credit Union that you are working with.

Environment – Each MAC Sales Professional is based out of a credit union location near you, and because of this we are able to maintain the comfortable, no-pressure environment that comes along with the credit union standards.

The best part of all, perhaps, is that Members AutoChoice does not charge you anything to find the car for you. We do not have hidden fees for that matter. Our view on fees is simple: they should be small, and they should be visible. For vehicles in our inventory, all fees are included (minus taxes and an $18 title fee) in the listed price. Even if the car is from somewhere else, our total fee is well under half that of nearly any other dealership.

One of our most helpful resources, the Manheim Market Report (MMR) is a collection of data from auctions around the Nation. It allows us to get a bird’s eye view of how many specific vehicles are sold, their condition, and their price. This helps us make a decision quickly on whether or not you are hunting in the right price range for your vehicle, or if you should be considering other options.

While the car buying process is growing and evolving every day, there will never be a substitute for experience. Most people buy a new vehicle once every few years, but here at Members AutoChoice we buy a new vehicle once every few hours. We are highly trained to find your car for you, at the right price, and at no cost to you. For more information on our services visit us at

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