Pet Sitting Gets Respect

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Pet Sitting

Did you know that pet sitting has matured into a growing – and decently well-paid profession? Well, it has – to the point that pet sitters even have their own professional association.

Called Pet Sitters International (PSI), this association was started in 1994, by Patti J. Moran. PSI bills itself as the world’s largest educational association for professional pet sitters, and we believe it.

According to PSI, now is a great time to join this profession, since pet ownership levels in the U.S. are at an all-time high. PSI said that 68% of U.S. households now own a pet, and that more households have dogs (43 million) than children (38 million).

If you’re thinking that pet sitting/walking is a thankless, low-paid job, think again: PSI said that such professionals enjoy an average annual revenue of more than $49,000 – and that this number is rising.

So, is pet sitting/walking a genuine career move? PSI points out that it sure beats sitting in a cubicle, and we can see their point. After all, making $50k for hanging out with friendly furry friends sure doesn’t sound too horrible.


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