Mobile Phone Recycling is on the Rise

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Phone Recycling


More people are recycling their outdated mobile devices these days, as more companies either enact or revamp recycling programs, says consumer analytics firm Compass Intelligence.

Compass Intelligence has just released its latest report on “Mobile Phone Reuse and Recycling Survey: Understanding Consumer Behavior,” which found that more people are taking advantage of buyback offers, selling back mobile devices or simply recycling them.

Programs run by mobile carriers have led phone recycling efforts in the past, but large retailers have now gotten in on the game – offering consumers more choices and better deals.

For instance, Amazon has become one of the market leaders in recycling, and newcomers like Apple, Walmart and Microsoft have launched – or are planning to launch — device trade-in options.

Compass Intelligence said that mobile phone recycling rates (including both recycling for an incentive and for no pay out) are at around 25%, and are rising.

The survey found that cash is the number one incentive option for end users, though few programs offer a cash option currently.

Interestingly, many of those who don’t participate in recycling programs felt that their old phones have little value, and therefore participating in a program would be a waste of time.

If you’re under that impression, you should nonetheless check into the various options available for recycling your old devices. Their actual value may surprise you and, in any event, recycling is a good thing. Remember that electronic devices like these contain toxic chemicals that you don’t want to wind up in your local landfill.


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