Ready-Made Tiny Houses, On Wheels

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Tiny Houses

A U.S. building materials company is jumping on the “Tiny Houses” bandwagon by offering specially made tiny home kits and trailers.

In case you’re scratching your head now, we’ll explain the tiny homes movement in brief:

Essentially, the Tiny Houses movement is about creating homes of less than 400 square feet. Some are as small as 80 square feet. Some are meant to be built in place, while others are designed to be mobile.

The Tiny Houses movement is both a critique of America’s expansive obsession with having large homes, (the average size U.S. home is now 2,600 square feet), and a new way for creating a mobile lifestyle.

Unlike traditional mobile homes or RVs, tiny homes are just like real houses: they typically made of and embody the architectural details and features of regular houses – only in miniature. Google “tiny houses” and you’ll see what we mean.

While many tiny homes enthusiasts design and build their own homes from scratch, others turn to available plans.

Building materials company 84 Lumber is taking things a step further by offering a new line of ready-made portable tiny homes. The company said it is the first in the nation to tap into this new market by offering custom-built houses no bigger than 200 square feet.

Each of 84 Lumber’s tiny homes tiny comes equipped with tandem axle trailers. These are being aimed at the mobile segment of the tiny homes market.

They come in Build Your Own: Trailer + Plans, Semi-DIY and Move-in Ready configurations, with packages starting at $6,884.

Check them out at

Tiny homes are not for everybody, but they offer a tantalizing option for those who want to live small and take their homes with them when moving.

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