Retirement: Planning to Stay and Delay?

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Retirement Planning

Retirement Still Out of Reach for Most Americans

The booming stock market of recent years has improved the retirement prospects of many Americans. Still, the majority of workers age 60+ are currently delaying retirement, according to the results of a new survey.

Workforce specialist CareerBuilder said it commissioned a nationwide survey among workers age 60+ as well as human resources managers, and found that the number of workers who said they’d be able to retire within four years stood at 50%, which was up 2% from the firm’s 2012 survey.

Ten percent of the respondents felt they would never be able to retire.

There’s a large gender gap among workers planning on delaying retirement: 71% of the women survey respondents said they are delaying retirement vs. 49% who of the men. Overall, 58% said they were putting off retirement. For those that are, economic factors were cited as the #1 reason.

On a brighter note, far fewer workers are planning to take jobs after retirement. CareerBuilder said that there was a 13% drop in those who said they would seek full or part-time work after retirement from the 2012 survey (60%) to the 2013 survey (45%).


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