Reusable Bags: Putting Veterans to Work!

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Reusable Bags

Reusable Bags – Made in USA by Veterans

Do you think about where your re-usable grocery bags come from, and who makes them? Perhaps you should, now that there’s a company offering USA-made bags that are crafted by US veterans.

Re-usable grocery bags are becoming more common, as more people “go green,” and more communities across the country ban the use of plastic grocery bags. But the “feel good” aspect of using these bags is somewhat diminished by the fact that 90% of them are imported. Believe it or not, a lot of the disposable ones are actually made right here in the USA (just check the bottom and see).

One company, California-based Shopping Bags Solutions, decided to do something about this — and began making their own line of re-usable bags. However, they decided to add extra features:

The Shopping Bags Solutions bags have special pockets attached for keeping all of your coupons, store circulars, special offer USPs and membership cards. (You know, those things you always forget when you go to the store.)

And, in addition to making these bags in the USA, SBS said it has partnered with the nonprofit GreenVets Los Angeles to manufacture its first production run of 1000 SBS bags.

So, these bags offer a lot more than the imported ones that stores make you pay for these days. So far, the company is only offering these bags in their California market, but we hope that a made-in-America option is available to all consumers in the near future.


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