Ways to Shop and Save

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While many people continue to shop in stores, shopping online has become more popular. Some people may even visit stores to get hands-on with products they’re considering purchasing and then go online to make their purchase.

If you’re not shopping online, consider trying these tips to save money AND time on the items you want and need.

–        Love to Shop: This service is available for members of the credit union, offering tons of discounts at the stores where you shop most including Target, Best Buy and more. Credit union members have saved more than $1 BILLION with Love My Credit Union Rewards!

–        Coupon Codes: Most online retailers (and even some who have stores you can visit) have the option to use a promotional or coupon code when you checkout online. There are tons of different Web sites that have coupon codes, but one efficient way is to search for coupon codes with your favorite search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). Simply type the name of the store followed by “coupon code” and search to find the best deal. For example, if you’re looking for deals on photo prints from Walgreens, search “Walgreens photo coupon code” and select the code that suits your needs.

–        If you’re in the store and you see something you’d like to purchase, use your smartphone to search for the item. Many search engines having shopping functions that will show you the price of the item from a variety of sellers. You may have to wait a few days to receive the item, but the money you save will make it worth the wait.

–        If you like to use Amazon.com for common household items like paper towels, toilet paper, vitamins, or soap, consider the “Subscribe and Save” option available for many items. If you subscribe for a certain item, you can choose how often it will be delivered (monthly, bi-monthly, etc.) and save increasing amounts depending on how often you have it delivered. You’ll even save time since you won’t have to go to drive to the store each time you need paper towels.

–        Another way to save money on Amazon.com for products you don’t need immediately is to add items to your Shopping Cart. Take a few minutes each day to check your cart to see if the price of the item has decreased. Amazon will allow you to save items for later so that you can keep an eye on them without having them in your cart.


How do you save money when shopping online or in the store? What tricks do you have up your sleeve to keep money in your pocket?

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