Advantages of Using Synthetic Oil

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Synthetic Oil

This week, a guest blog from MEMBERS AutoChoice explains the advantages of synthetic oil for your vehicle.

There is always the question of whether or not you should use conventional or synthetic oil in your vehicle. In the past, auto manufacturers wanted you to break in your engine with conventional oil for the first eight to ten thousand miles. In today’s world, engine technology has been so perfected that auto manufacturers now deliver new cars with synthetic oil already in the engine.

Historically, the production of conventional motor oil came from refined crude oil over the years. Around 40 years ago, the automotive oil industry found a way to break down this oil to its purest form. Then over the years, they started adding chemicals to the formula and we now have some of the finest synthetic oil offered to the public.

Synthetic oil reduces sludge buildup and better protects your vehicle against engine wear, high engine temperatures, and cold weather which helps your engine run better and extends its life. One of the benefits of using synthetic oil is fewer engine repairs over time. Additionally, your car will run smoother and cooler in the summer heat and will allow your engine to start easier in the cold winter months when traditional oil thickens in the cold. The final benefit is you save on fuel cost because your engine is operating efficiently and since synthetic oil allows you to go longer between oil changes you will save additional service dollars too!

If you would like more information on benefits of using synthetic oil, contact one of your friendly sales professionals at MEMBERS AutoChoice.

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