Saving for College: “D” Is for “Deferred Interest”

Saving for College

A new campaign aims to help parents of young children prepare for the “sticker shock” of college costs, and start them early on the road to saving for college.

Investment management firm T. Rowe Price said that it created its new campaign as a stress-reducing way to prepare parents for the enormous task of saving for college.

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College: Work Experience Can Help You Get the Job You Want

College Work Experience Can  Help You Get a Job

How College Work Experience Gets You a Job

Getting some work experience while in college can help secure you a job in your chosen field. This has always been sage advice given to young people, but now the findings of a new survey back that wisdom with some hard numbers.

The survey – from specialized staffing service Accountemps – asked 2,100 chief financial officers which factors made them more likely to hire a job candidate.

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