Member Matters with Marshall

Dear credit union member:

Marshall Boutwell

Photo courtesy of Gwinnett Technical College


I am excited to report that the “10,000 Hours” project that I referenced last quarter is well underway. Designed to help us focus on where the credit union wants to be in the future, the project will help us make sure we are positioned to meet our members’ needs in this rapidly changing environment. Continue Reading…

Member Matters with Marshall

Dear credit union member:

Marshall Boutwell

Photo courtesy of Gwinnett Technical College

The past couple of years have been a period of growth for Peach State as we expanded into Augusta. When we began with the merger of Richmond Community FCU, we anticipated additional mergers in the area. That growth has taken place, first with the merger of RCT FCU and now Beech Island CU. The manual conversion of accounts at RCT is ongoing and the Beech Island conversion is about to begin. I would like to take this time to officially welcome the members of Beech Island to the Peach State family. We are excited to serve more than 8,000 members in the Augusta area.

During 2017 we will complete both of the conversions and focus on providing our Augusta members with quality products and services. We also plan to concentrate our efforts on growing our membership in Augusta as well as the other areas we serve. While we do not plan to launch any significant new initiatives in 2017, we anticipate that new opportunities for growth and additional services will surface, and we fully intend to embrace them. Additionally, we foresee making further enhancements to our digital services in order to meet the needs of our members.

To that end, management has kicked off our “10,000 Hours” project. We have engaged the services of an industry professional and consultant to assist our senior management team with planning for the future. Our goal is to envision Peach State five years down the road. We are asking ourselves where we need to be five years from now and how we will get there. Dramatic change is coming quickly to the financial services industry. We believe it is vital for us to plan ahead so that we can ensure that we remain relevant, prepared and ready to serve you.

While I do not have final 2016 numbers as I write this letter, we know that Peach State is performing on par or above peer level in all financial measures of success. Our mobile check deposit service has been rolled out, providing members another opportunity to be served without ever having to leave home. We are currently receiving and processing applications for this service and believe that our members will love the added convenience it offers.

We wish you a happy and prosperous 2017. We appreciate your business and will continue to work hard to serve you well in the future.


Marshall Boutwell


Election Day: Why You Should Vote

Election Day

One of the main reasons that credit unions exist is to help people afford life.  Last year Georgia’s credit unions saved their members over $160 million in lower loan rates, higher deposit rates and lower fees. Just as credit unions make a positive impact in their communities, you have a similar opportunity – one that affects not only our individual households, but our community, our state and even our country. How can you do that? By educating yourself about the candidates running for office and voting on Election Day. Continue Reading…

What We Did On Columbus Day and WHY


Each year on Columbus Day, all Peach State FCU branches and offices close—but we don’t take the day off.


We take the opportunity to have an all staff meeting, bringing more than 118 staff members from 12 branches and corporate headquarters together to learn and get back in touch with our core values.


This year, we met at the Aurora Theatre in downtown Lawrenceville. We started with a delicious breakfast and moved quickly on to drawings for fun prizes. We were encouraged to think about our retirement plans with advice from our 401K provider and we enjoyed a talk from speaker, Scott Wozniak, the Manager of Leadership Development for Chick-fil-A Corporate. Scott planted some seeds to help us achieve our mission of providing excellent member service.


We also congratulated a number of staff members for 5, 10 and 15 years of dedicated service!


We ended the day by working together to fill 600 bags with food for the Nothing But the Truth Ministry. The organization works with local schools to give the bags of food to children who may not have anything to eat on the weekends.

Credit Unions

This is just one more way that demonstrates our commitment of not only providing excellent member service, but serving our community as well.