Is Your Savings Ready if Disaster Strikes?


You may have prepared yourself for a disaster by storing water, flashlights, and your emergency supplies bag, but are you ready financially if a natural disaster strikes? If there comes a need to evacuate, you may need to file an insurance claim or apply for a disaster loan. Organizing your important financial papers ahead of time can be very beneficial to you and save you from a lot of stress. Continue Reading…

Emergency Preparedness: Lessons From Winter Storm Leon

Emergency Preparedness Against Winter Storm Leon

Winter Storm Leon made a mess of several cities in the Southeastern U.S., including Atlanta and Birmingham. Because of the incredibly fast onset of ice and many people getting on the road to drive home at the same time, roads were quickly turned into parking lots in every direction. As a result, commuters were stranded, children were stuck on school buses and salt trucks were unable to de-ice the roads. Many people sat in their cars for more than 12 hours, some over 20 hours for as little as a three mile trip home or to pick up their children from closed schools.


Imagine sitting in gridlocked traffic for 12 hours, when you were expecting to be in the car for an hour or less! Perhaps you skipped lunch to TRY and get ahead of the storm, but wound up in the thick of it. Maybe you left your medication at home… What would you do?

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