It’s Time to Solve Your Health Insurance Problem…

Health Insurance from Peach State FCU

Health insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. The media has been abuzz about the changes to American healthcare, and, for many people, this means the process is also getting more frustrating. You may feel like you only have a few options, and the ones that you do have don’t meet your needs.

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Health Savings Accounts: Put Them to Work for You!

Health Savings Accounts

Poor, Misunderstood Health Savings Accounts

Health savings accounts offer a way for people with high-deductable health insurance plans to save up for medical expenses while earning returns and avoiding federal taxes. But few Americans understand how they work, according to a report from online insurance quote provider

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Many Americans Do Not Understand Obamacare


Info on Healthcare Law Not Reaching Many Americans

The results of a new survey indicate that information about what the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is not reaching many Americans.

According to financial information site Bankrate, 47% of the uninsured Americans the firm surveyed do not know where to get information on how the Affordable Care Act will affect them.

Bankrate’s survey found that the opening of the ACA exchanges has raised curiosity about the law among 64% of those responding, so it’s vital that a better job be done in getting the information out.

It’s no secret that the government’s website has had massive problems during its rollout. While that site includes a lot of basic information about how the new law works, it thus far has not been reliable in terms of uptime and functionality. Fortunately there are other sources of basic information about how the ACA works:

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