Millennials: Are They Sharing Too Much?

Millennials Oversharing

Are Millennials Oversharing with Corporate America?

Millennials may be putting their personal data at risk by sharing too much of it with companies, according to a new study.

Research firm Mintelsaid that, while most consumers are being more protective of their personal information these days, Millennials are prone to oversharing.

A new study by the firm found that 60% of Millennials are willing to provide details about their personal preferences — and habits — to marketers. Mintel said that this is more sharing than their Baby Boomer parents are willing to commit to, and perhaps too much in an era of data breaches and identity theft.

Millennials are much more likely to share cell numbers and social media profiles with marketer than Baby Boomers are, the study found. They are also more likely to be swayed by incentives (such as discount coupons) offered in exchange for providing personal information.

However, Millennials were found to be more reluctant than Baby Boomers to hand over their snail mailing addresses. Go figure.

Perhaps, though, the recent revelations of massive data breaches at retailers will cause people from all generations to be a bit more careful about sharing their personal data with strangers on the Internet.


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