Mobile Payments: Making Quicker Safer

  Mobile Payments

We’re pleased to share the following guest blog post from BALANCE Financial Fitness.

It’s becoming more and more popular to use a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet to make purchases at a store, restaurant, flea market or just about anywhere. While this can make paying for goods or services a snap, you should always remember that with the ease comes a need for vigilance. Mobile wallet payments can be as safe as other types of transactions, but you need to take a few key steps before diving into this new type of purchasing.

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Say Goodbye to the Cash Register, Hello Smartphone!


Would you like to bypass the checkout line, and just use your Smartphone to pay for your store purchases? So would a lot of other people – particularly young people.

European payment firm Yapital had a survey conducted to find out how people felt about paying by Smartphone. Not surprisingly, support for such unconventional transactions was highest among younger shoppers.

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