Four Ways for Teachers to Save Money During the Summer

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Teachers Save Money


We’re excited to share this helpful blog from NerdWallet this week with great tips for teachers on how to save money this summer!

Teachers may be some of the most undervalued workers in the nation despite doing one of the most important jobs. Several organizations are interested in giving back to teachers this summer through discounts and opportunities to earn a little extra spending money. NerdWallet has some ideas for teachers who want to save money and time this summer:

1.     Staycations and low-cost vacations

Various hotels, bed-and-breakfast inns and airlines offer summer discounts for teachers. If you qualify, ask about these discounts when planning your getaway. And remember, if all else fails, try a staycation. Advertise your services as a summer house sitter in your travel destination, and get paid for your stay. Websites such as MindMyHouse help connect homeowners with house sitters. There are also specific teacher-oriented home-exchange programs such as TeachersTravelWeb and the Educators Travel Network. If you’re a pet person, you can invite other pets into your home to make extra cash through websites such as DogVacay.

2.     Get thrifty

Teacher discounts are everywhere. Sites such as giftcardgranny can connect you to tons of discounts for school supplies, clothing, electronics and more. Save time and money getting ready for the school year by purchasing supplies from other teachers at FreeThingsforTeachers and eNotes, which offers worksheets and lessons that you can download. If you’re going on a summer shopping spree, make sure to capitalize on all of the discounts for teachers, and don’t forget your teacher ID card.

3.     Earn a little extra cash

Just because you might not be raking in the big bucks as a teacher, doesn’t mean people outside your classroom don’t value your work. Capitalize on your unique skills this summer by looking for a job as a tutor, editor or writer. You can advertise your services as a private tutor in coffee shops or even online. You could spend the summer helping others by writing out lesson plans or offering teaching ideas. Sites such as createspace offer free publishing for workbooks and books that you can sell. Some states, such as North Carolina, provide online virtual classrooms, where teachers can offer summer school courses for about $200 a student.

4.     Get crafty     

If you’re a teacher, chances are you’re a creative person. Educators can use their extra time in the summer to fashion supplies for the classroom to save money with do-it-yourself projects. If you teach lower school grades, you might use old milk crates or paint buckets to make seats for your students. You could transform Ziploc plastic bags into folder slots for binders. Old cereal boxes might be upgraded to mailbox slots for students. Put your thinking cap on, teachers, and get crafting.

Teacher discounts are abundant in the summer if you look in the right places. When making purchases this summer, be sure to ask about discounts. Remember, your skills are valuable, and they can help you find ways to earn extra cash.

Cait Klein, NerdWallet

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