Tech Jobs: Where Are the New Jobs?

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Tech Jobs

Tech Jobs: What Drives Tech Hiring?

An interesting new study from looked at the trends that are driving small business hiring decisions, particularly in the tech sector.

According to the report, Android has leapt ahead of iPhone as a driver of tech jobs offered by mobile developers. In the second quarter of 2013, the number of Android jobs (7,073 tech jobs) overtook iPhone (6,989 jobs) ones for the first time, the firm said.

The first quarter of 2014 saw a big increase in the number of jobs in 3D printing, concept design and architectural work. said that 3D Rendering jobs increased by 43.9% during the three-month period, to 2,784 jobs, while 3D Animation increased 35.7% (to 3,183 jobs).

Mobile phone jobs also took off, increasing by 35.3% (to 13,340 jobs), after apps such as Candy Crush and Flappy Bird became successful. Overall, Mobile Phone jobs were up 35.3% (to 13,340 jobs) during the first quarter of 2014.

There’s also good news for those who would rather write prose than computer code: online content is hot again, now that Google’s Panda and Penguin updates make it harder to “fool” online search engines using various SEO trickery. These days, it is fresh, relevant content that wins the search race, so companies are increasingly hiring those who can create it. said that jobs in ghostwriting rose 41.5% (to 5,807 jobs) during the first quarter of 204, while copywriting jobs increased by 17.7%, to 8,029 jobs.

All of this is good news for people with experience and skills that are in line with the hot tech jobs, but of course not great for those who have invested their careers in areas that might have cooled off recently.


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