Do You Go Into Work While Sick?

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Wouldn’t you prefer that your co-workers stay at home when they’re sick? Most people would, and yet most people admit to leaving home themselves while sick with a cold or flu.

A new survey found that 83% of Americans leave the house while sick. They’d rather “power through” their illness than take a day off.

The Puffs & Vicks Cold & Flu Survey (a teaming of cough medicine brand Vicks and tissue paper brand Puffs) also found that family obligations were cited as the reason for leaving home sick by around half of the responders.

Summing up the results, the survey found that:

  • 66% of working Americans said a fever is the deciding factor in taking an official sick day from work.
  • Over a quarter of working Americans (30%) said they would take an official sick day if their child was sick.
  • Nearly 9 in 10 Americans (86%) would move to another bed if their significant other were sick with the cold or flu rather than require their partner to bed hop.
  • Over half of Americans (66%) would be likely to avoid kissing their significant other if they were sick.
  • More than half of Americans (69%) report taking an over-the-counter, multi-symptom reliever to power through their day at home and at work

It’s nice that sick people would avoid kissing their loved ones, but what about co-workers?

Never mind the kissing part, what about simply spreading germs around the office? It’s all well and good that Americans want to “power through,” but let’s not forget that your right to sneeze uncontrollably ends at someone else’s nose. Have some consideration.

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